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Green Cleaning Services In Vermont

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services In Vermont

Green is the only way we do business – we are a Green Cleaning company all the time, not only when it’s asked for. We provide our services with policies and procedures designed to have a low impact on the environment. JaniTech employs a comprehensive Green Cleaning program in all that we do. This improves the safety of the environment and air quality for your staff and building clients as well as our own staff.

Recycle And Compost

Power of Three Recycling — Pickup, Process, Provide. JaniTech has partnered with Casella Waste Systems and Foley Distributing to bring Vermont the first closed-loop recycling program in the country. We’ll take care of all your waste and compost removal needs to keep you compliant with waste removal regulations.

Green Chemicals

When utilizing our own chemicals, the daily cleaning chemicals we employ do not have ODCs (ozone-depleting chemicals) and are all Green Seal certified or meeting Green Seal standards.

Reusable Products

JaniTech cleaning technicians are trained to be efficient with both chemicals and equipment use. The spray bottles are designed to apply cleaning products in a manner that does not result in overuse and waste of the product. We apply chemicals with reusable microfiber cleaning cloths that are washable and long-lasting and minimize the need for paper towel consumption.

Energy Efficient Practices

Comprehensive green cleaning includes efforts to reduce energy costs for our clients. We will employ team cleaning practices where practicable to reduce overall time in a building. In a multi-story building we also work floor-by-floor when possible, allowing lights to be minimized on the other floors during the cleaning process. Industry reports suggest measurable savings in utility costs for these kinds of changes in cleaning approaches.